U-Picks Forever!


The last time i've been to a Upick was probably when i was round 12, and we went with my family probably to Central Valley much the same way as we had this time. The only thing I remember, frankly, is stuffing face with obscene amounts of fruit (cherries) , and likely getting mildly green from the sheer amount of cherries. 

This time around, my parents, Stephen and I and our good friend, went to Brentwood to do very much the same thing. And this time, not unlike last time, I knew i'd also be stuffing face. This time, armed with a camera.

The outcome was delicious. I made cherry pie (unfortunately sweet cherries and a ton of sugar made for basically a molasses pie). And then we froze and depitted ALL the remaining peaches and cherries. Then we ate the frozen cherries for snacks.

The peaches i had made into bourbon-peach-ginger preserves. Which was the best decision i had ever made.