Jewels of Point Reyes


It's not the first time we've went out of our way to have Oysters and Wine

We only planned to go the night before around 9pm. But like clockwork, we got up to head on the mill valley, where we'd meet m y parents in the morning. We made it to Point Reyes Station, got some coffee, an Oat Bran muffin, and took a walk in the fog, that seeped into the shrubbery and over the hills from the ocean's shore.

Today's Consensus

A digestible way of deciphering the mood today.

Then we made it to Hog Island Oyster Company, right off the road. 

On our way back with full bellies of cheese, bread and oysters, we stopped at Duncans Mills, a tiny town literally officially on one 'main' street. There was a complete rodeo show on one side of the street and a honky tonk country show at a cafe on the other. We stopped to get some iced Chai, bathroom breaks and danced our way back to the car.

Lastly we stopped at Moshin Vinyards, to grab a bottle and test out a few earthy Pinots. Also to remember, at restaurants to grab ANY Zin from D Valley in Sonoma.!