Hoarding Woes at the Flea


It was a good day to get out and go for a drive to the Treasure Island Flea Market. The routine is pretty much the same: we enter the crowded market, get stamped for drinks, and start browsing immediately. 

Naturally, we take a right turn and walk counter clockwise. It seems everyone is picking up on the "shabby-chic" vintage craze because any old scrap can nowadays be 'art'. Just give it a fresh white coat and you're good to go: that crate or mason jar is now 'chic'.

5 Reasons to go to the TIFM:

5. Some vendors just sell the junk that sits in their garage.

Others are unique vendors with unique products they sell to target audiences. Either way, I like the fact that you can come here to EITHER sort through stuff OR try new coffee brand samples or smell bars of soap.

4. Easy to get to.

Live in east bay or SF? no problem, it's smack in the middle and every month.

3. Food truck heaven.

Well, you won't be lacking in choices, that's for sure. In fact, you have to walk a good five minutes to even see what your options are before you hustle back to make a decision. This time, we had Japanese Crepes, which definitely hit the spot (i don't like the greasy spoon stuff on a hot day).  Follow up with an ice cream sammidge, #nocomplaints 

2. You still feel like you're in the city. 

It's true: you get to look out at the silhouette of the city from a distance. The palms, the some unique architecture, and all the hipsters that are looking for a deal on that refurbished chaise.

1. Unique vendors.

I swear i saw a chicken waffle cupcake. A guy who did hand lettering for you. Bars of soap that were smug and had dirty language on them. Succulents (all the rage amirite?). 

Overall a good time, rain or shine. But likely when shining, though.