Experiences at the Edge of the World


When I was attending college, I lived in the Richmond. It's been a good place to warm up to the quiet side, since i had always wanted the piece of SF-Action -- The Richmond has always been known as the residential, fog crusted part of town. Regardless, it has it's charm and surrounding sights which i had taken advantage of. I still find it enjoyable from time to time. 

The pastel colored homes make a medley of colored candy across the beachy area. The whole western side of san francisco historically was a beach, just sand dunes for miles. Sometimes its hard to remember that.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Richmond:

If you're a fan of Dim Sum opportunities, endless bottomless bowls of Pho and obscure tiki bars in residential neighborhoods, you won't regret checking out clement. It's becoming quite a bit trendier, in many cases trendier than locals prefer. If you're willing to commute out there (a whopping half hour bus ride... i know).. go out to Green Apple Books. Chill out , read some books hidden beneath the fog. 

  1. Clement Street

  2. Little Russia

  3. Land's End

  4. Golden Gate Park

  5. Ocean Beach