Nob Hill, the Missed Hill

It's been maybe a month since we left Nob Hill.

The transition has been relatively smooth, all things considered. Stephen and I are efficient packers, and generally, doers by nature if stuff needs to get done: the general attitude is to go big or go home. Dragging out is not our style.. either we'll do it all or nothing at all.

Securing a home has been full of its challenges in itself. From anxiously observing the Bay Area's intense market, to browsing a whole array of homes to actually finding one to suit our budget, needs and in a reasonable location - it's been a trip. Sausalito has generally been welcoming thus far- but I'll tell you, I felt pretty insecure when I moved to Nob Hill at first.

With the last four years, I've seen how the neighborhood has changed; mostly for the better compared to its much dingier early 2010's. One of the few things I remember was the Fourth Wave on Polk and Pine, where the homeless folks used to come by- but they did have decent coffee, and it was the only place to hang while we tried to get our first apartment in the city together. We had our laundry stole once by some crazy chick in the laundromat and called the cops on her to no avail. 

Here are some highlights of how it used to be.

Mixed feelings about truly having left.

Most of all, the neighborhood and proximity were number one for me. We both walked to work, everything was very accessible, and though we were not party animals, getting home from occasional shenanigans was easy as pie and that made it worth while.

Looking forward to making our space in Sausalito truly ours, but the commute is really killin' it for me !